Nhi Bui*

Two names
Two hands.

One can draw n
One can dance.

Thao Vu P*

Agent Orange

Meltdown flags

From start to finish

Trump against Trump


The bloody Halloween

VIB bank


Vengeance Trilogy

Tap water

Journal with doodle

Nhi Bui*

6 years Art director &
still love being Art director.

You can call me Nhi.

*Thao Vu. P

Meter: Meltdown Flags

Integrated campaign

Spotify: Milesongs

Integrated campaign

Agent Orange: The voice of a deformity legacy

Typography for good

Faber Castell: From start to finish

Print ads

Trump against Trump

AR filter proactive project

Burger King: The bloody Halloween

Integrated campaign

Audi Chinese New Year


The only thing that tap water missed was a label

Personal project

My Hotpot

Experimental corner