Type:  Proactive idea

“Sly phone filter replaces Trump slogan with facts about his disastrous presidency”
– Fast Company

A couple of Young Ones winners and I have created trumpagainsttrump.org

It’s an initiative that turns every Trump’s campaign election sign into warnings through augmented reality. Depending on which state you are, the warnings get customized accordingly using geolocation.

Proud to be

Bronze CLIO award 

Published by Fast Company

Endorsed by It’s nice that, Print…

Earned 35000+ Social impression

Got 4000+ Signs scanned

Helped to get Trump out (maybe?!)


The team behind

Art Director 

Bui Nhi ( Vu Phuong Thao )

Kai West Schlosser

Creative Technologist

Luc Palombo

Legal co-ordinator

Simon Ruhland


Swarna Thomas

Rasesh Patkar

Front-end developer

Choi So-Young