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Agent Orange

The voice of a deformed legacy

Agent Orange – the deadly herbicide used by the US during the Vietnam War, caused biological deformities for thousands of kids in Vietnam.

To give these victims a voice of hope, Monotype creates a new typeface which has body deformities just like them. We use the font seen on American airplanes from 1962 as the base font

Proud to be

Merit ADC Young one Award 2019

The team behind

Art Director 

Bui Nhi



Michael Wilk  

Sudarshan Waghmare

Patrik Hartmann

Copy Writer

Bao Toan Tran Mai 

Adarsh Manoharan


The typeface’s story

To give these victims a voice of hope, Monotype create a new typeface which has body deformities like them. 

The Making of Agent Orange typeface

We start from the anatomy of Amarillo USAF, the font on the American AirForce planes that sprayed Agent Orange on Vietnam and try to distort the proportion of it in different ways. 


On the Agent Orange website, you can buy the font or buy merchandise to support victims. All funds raised from the campaign go in support of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange.

Reaching out

Boarding passes and tags on all flights from Vietnam take Agent Orange typeface to the rest of the world.

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