Type:  Self-initiated project                         

How do we promote water from taps

Germans prefer bottled water over tap water, even though it’s not half as fresh as what comes out of the tap. This creates needless pollution and adds millions of plastic bottles to our landfills. 

Proud to be

Toilet hopping around Hamburg
& Merit ADC Europe

The team behind

Art Director

Bui Nhi


Swarna Thomas

Our Execution

First we removed labels from popular water brands, dry them properly.

Then we went toilet-hopping around Hamburg and pasted water labels on taps in museums, cinemas, coffee shops, malls and even the official city authority’s office. We got politely escorted out by security guards only once. Phew. 


Our Result

We came back to Hamburg administration center after a week and our labels and stickers are still there. Hurray Government officials. 

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