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If Glacier Vanishes,
So Will We

Meltdown Flags is a climate data initiative that visualizes glacier retreat by reducing the amount of white in the flags of their home countries. From 1995, the year of the first UN Climate Change Conference, over today, to 2050, the year set out to reach net-zero emissions.

Even though I only played a small part in the project, I’m proud to contribute my bit and be involved with the team.

Proud to be

Best of Behance Feb 2020

The team behind

Art Director 

Bui Nhi

Kai West Schlosser

Eduardo Álvarez Lucas

Jan-Martin Hopf

Saurabh Kakade


Executive Creative Director

Lorenz Langgartner

Franz Röppischer


Copy Writer

Sandra Valencia

Protest in COP25 Madrid 

Handsewn flags take the message to the streets. In December 2019, Meltdown Flags made their first appearance at the COP25 in Madrid. Since then, they have become a symbol of protest at climate demonstrations and events around the world.


A website provides more information and ways to act. Visitors can visualize the degree of glacier retreat by country, as well as access more data and information. They can also calculate and offset their carbon footprint. By downloading the flags and custom typeface, they also take part in the initiative.

You can support the project by following and sharing Meltdown Flags via Instagram.

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