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Knows the Greats before they are great

How do you encourage Germans to read local newspapers? By reminding them that every global news was once just local news and the local readers were the first ones to know about it. Reading a local newspaper such as Die Zientungen helps them stay ahead of the curve and be informed before everyone else.

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Silver New (s) comers Best 2019.

The team behind

Art Director 

Bui Nhi


Samar Singh

Sandra Bullock back to 1974 was a star of a opera’s choir Nuremberg, way before Germans know her as a Hollywood star. 

In 1983, Michael Schumacher was the headline new in Germany by winning the German Junior Kart Championship. It takes the world 7 years to finally get to know him.

Angela Merkel marked her first success when being appointed as Minister for Women and Youth in German politics in 1991. The world only get to know her in 2005 as she became the first female Chancellor of Germany.

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