Type:  Integrated Campaign                         Client: Spotify

The Song You Play To Measure Your Way.

Spotify wants to change the habit of listening to radio of car drivers. The solution. We change the habit of measuring the distance all together. 

Proud to be

Bronze Youngone 2020.

The team behind

Art Director 

Bui Nhi 

Daniela Cadenas Pacinelli


Maria Monila

Copy Writer

Noel Mathew

The Problem

Most people don’t think about using Spotify in the car because they’re stuck in the habit of listening to the radio. How to get people in the US to think about listening to Spotify in the car?

The Idea

We invented a new way to know where to go and how long it’ll take to get there which is called Milesongs. 

How it works

Using American traffic data, highway speed regulations and the lengths of songs on Spotify’s libraries we created a new tool to measure the distance you drive based on the songs and podcasts you listen to on Spotify.

Outdoor billboards

MileSongs uses highway signs to help drivers and listeners look at directions and distances in a whole new light!

Digital In-App

For drivers who need help with navigation, we collaborated with Google Maps to introduce a new feature that redirects you to Spotify, creating a playlist of the MileSongs it will take to get to your destination.

Social Media

On reaching, a personalised map featuring songs and podcasts you’ve listened to along the way, will be generated for you to share among friends and followers!


Your MileSongs can also be redeemed for exclusive Spotify car merchandise, inspired by your favourite songs and artists.

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